The House of Peace

Moving Forward Takes Wheels

Nearly six months ago, House of Peace opened up our first and flagship property in Lexington, South Carolina.  We have been blessed to be instrumental in the transforming of lives through building community and guiding life changes toward stability.  We have seen substance addictions which have had debilitating effects on individuals through the majority of their lives, lose the hold they once had.  We have won some battles and we have lost some battles.  All in all, thanks to the support of the community of people who care, we are going stronger than ever, and housing more guests than ever before at the House of Peace.  We thank you, and thank God for you!

It will come as no surprise that with the increased number of guests in the house, we have increased needs as well.  Along with the ever present financial need of our nonprofit organization, we also have some practical ways you can get involved by volunteering your time.  One of the biggest needs we have at the House of Peace is transportation for the guests who are eager to get jobs and gain stability, but lack the proper licenses or a vehicle.

What we would love to see is a coordinated effort by our volunteers to schedule a morning or evening or two per week which you would be willing to sacrifice to transport a guest into work or back to the facility from work.  If we get a good handful of volunteers, we should be able to cover all the need in the transportation department fairly easily.  Being involved in this way, specifically, is a great way to converse with the guests and make a real impact in their lives, as well!

If you would like to be involved in helping out in this way, please email at, or call 803-740-8600.

To sign up to volunteer, click here!

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